original projects

TALK- the series

 TALK is an original series produced by BOB BILLIAMS PRODUCTIONS about the conversations of a millennial married couple. It was the first scripted series to be featured on the popular site HelloGiggles.


Keylee and Micah are young, married and ready to TALK.

scrambled- the short

 SCRAMBLED is a short film produced by BOB BILLIAMS PRODUCTIONS  about a young couple who handles pre-marriage anxiety by vomiting out ‘truth bombs,’ over eggs. 

a dark comedy exploration of the age old question, how well do you really know the one you love?

home-coming soon

produced by 


a new digital narrative series about a married couple from rural texas trying to find themselves, and a sense of home, in the unforgiving city of los angeles. 

Home World Premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival as a part of their New Online Works Program. The first season debuts later in 2018.

For more info, visit hometheseries.com

HOME- Season One Coming Soon

Scrambled-short film

TALK-the series

sexy-the film

 "SEXY" is a heartfelt, semi-autobiographical film written by Keylee  about a twenty-four year old woman who recognizes and confronts her discomfort with her own sexuality when she meets a fourteen year old girl who, in contrast, has a very informed and healthy perspective about sex.

This project is inspired by Keylee's upbringing in Texas, which is a state that still has predominantly 'abstinence only' sexual education. Keylee is fighting to create more female driven, sex- positive films, and  believes that how we teach kids about sex (or don't) has lasting stigmas well into adulthood. As an artist, her intent is to create a healthy dialogue about sexuality through the lens of this short film.  SEXY is currently in pre-production. Learn more about this film by clicking here.


 Keylee had such a fun time writing & performing  this episode of such an awkward show with Lacy Prince!